I kept on looking for you, But I found you nowhere.

I tried it harder, but it ended nowhere.

Time passed by, and I was losing hope.

I thought I lost and lost you forever.

Still with a hope, I looked out here and there.

Hoping I will find out somewhere.

It was high time, I had to move on.

But, then suddenly I could see light in the dark.

I took a deep breath, I think I found you.

It was in the laundry basket, Thank god I found you.

I could not hear you.It was on vibrator.

Could not see either as the lights were on, So was difficult to figure it out.

But when I turned off the lights before leaving and my pal dialed my number.

I got what I was madly looking for.It was my Mobile. I took in my hand holding it tight.

So, All is well that Ends well!!!

Cheers!!!! 🙂

©Pushpita Palit