Cookrooo coooo…Cookrooo cooo… alarm was ringing.Aah!Stupid alarm…I said,and turned it on snooz mode..Again after 10 minutes Cookrooo coooo…Cookrooo cooo!time to get up… now it was 0600 hours and I knew I have to get up now…I pulled the curtains on one side and my room was brightened.Though it was rainy season but today it was a bright day.

I turned on the radio and was listening to beautiful song. It was time to prepare my breakfast and meal, clean my house and get ready for office. It usually takes more than an hour to complete all my household task. I was on schedule, while having breakfast I was thinking of my parents. I was missing them. Thinking that the day must go smooth and beautiful…

Once done, I locked my flat and rushed towards lift..Pheww….Lift was out of service…I murmured…Why everytime it happens to me…..climbed down the stairs and then to my surprise my scooty was not getting started….What the hell…Now I am gonna b late.

Suddenly, it was getting dark…I was getting late, and now if it rains… I was getting irritated, on the other hand finally after lots of kick start my scooty started.I rushed to hit the main road. Approximately after 2 kms..I could see long traffic…I shouted What the hell…..It was a slow moving traffic….I kept on murmuring why can’t people drive properly, why can’t they follow rules…n suddenly a man came and said that, an accident has taken place and hence the traffic. I knew it will take time to get out of this traffic, so I decided to call my office to inform them.

I finished up with my call and waited to move, I was feeling bad about the casualty..Then I could see the bus- the reason the casualty took place. On the left of the bus I could see a Scooty Pep and a hand bag on it…I know this hand bag and scooty I said to myself….as the traffic moved close to the casualty zone, I could see the number plate and I was sure it was one of my neighbors. I just prayed God No, not she…..while passing through the zone I could see fresh blood and flesh. Oh My God!!! I was about to vomit. The body was covered by a cloth. The ambulance was there to take the body and police was there to clear the traffic and maintain peace.

I could not control my emotions, tears rolled down and I cried loud, she was someone I knew. I somehow managed to take my vehicle to a side, washed my face took few sip of water and When I was feeling fine. I drove my bike to office. Everything was going wrong, though indirectly I was getting affected. I was feeling sad and was praying to give strength to her family… A big lose…

Overall, a bad day but this is life, and it says Move On..Once I was done with my office, I decided to hang out with my friends for a while, as I was disturbed. After spending some time I returned home, gave a call to my parents told them about what happened it only after I shared my feelings with them I was feeling better. They asked me to sleep instead of watching TV.

NOTE:- Please wear Helmet and avoid using cell phones while driving. Many times it is not your fault but casualty happens .It’s better to take precaution than to be sorry latter..Everyday life teaches us new lessons….