We started from pune at 7:30 a.m. on 22nd Sept 2016.I was travelling with my Family-My Mom and Dad, My Hubby and my 21 month old boy.We decided to take the Tahmini Ghat Route as that’s the fastest route.It was drizzling on and off.

Till Mulshi the roads are good except for some bad patches after paud Village.But once the Ghat Started Wooh!!! The roads are tooooo bad…Big Big Potholes.I was really feeling bad for my car..Though the scenery was awesome..Beautiful Waterfalls,beautiful climate,Whatelse One can expect….

Bad Roads …No not again.. was ruining our good and happy mood.Many Big Heavy Vehicles had a breakdown…The Ghat Road Stretches around 45 kms,though there are no sharp turns but the ST buses are the matter of worry.As, there was a forecast of very heavy rainfall,we did not face it on the Ghat but mostly had Zero Visibility due to clouds and Driving was very risky, we could not even see 20 meters beyond …


The above Picture was taken when we halted for sometime time as we couldnot see due to heavy fog..Can u see our car on the other side of the road..

Well,You’ll see Hotel Orchard Cafe on your right and you know Tahmini Ghat is done and you will be relieved to drive on good good at least for few kms. The SH Roads are in good Condition.Again Once you reach the Mhasala Road the roads are bad..And You have to cross another Ghat before you reach Diveagar..It took around 5 and a half  hours to reach Diveagar..We had booked hotel at Hotel Exotica Beach Resort…I was a superb Stay there.



The beach was secluded but not that clean..The Water was blackish and dirty..No Stalls,No maintenance..You will find water sports..

Another disappointment was the Suvarn Ganesh Mandir in Diveagar..I mean, is this a joke..There is no maintenance.,no proper flooring, water dripping down..Only a photo hung on the wall of Suvarna Ganesh..

Overall, a much hyped place in konkan..

Keep your city Clean….