Hello!!Thanks for visiting my Blog.

I hope you enjoyed My photographs and reading my thoughts.

I am here to share my photographs….and few of my thoughts……

I used to click photos since my childhood, though i didn’t have a digital camera then.Photography is my hobby.

I keep on capturing beautiful moments, sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail.But I never gave up.

I am trying my best to take good shots…People say i can take this hobby as a Profession..Let’s see how long it takes…

I also write whenever I feel like freezing my thoughts.

Also, Me and my Hubby are  interested in Wildlife.So to share interesting facts about animals (not widely known to Public),  Ecosystems and General knowledge one can go through the the tab Grandeur Nature and Wildlife.

Hope you find it interesting.

Feel free to comment and give feedback. As it helps and motivates.

Have a great Life….

Take Care…

Love Nature and its beautiful Creations…..