When I was a kid I used to wonder Why the birds fly Why can’t I.

My father used to say, very soon even u will fly that high.

I used to be happy and see the birds, thinking My dad says one day even I will high.

I used to ask my mother, why can’t  I run like a cheetah,

She used to say  ofcourse you can, but first finish your bournvita.

Days passed by…still I wonder why!!!

Why can’t we play all day, and bunk classes.

But once in college we miss our school days.

In college we live our lives our own ways.

Restrictions lift, bikes drift.

Moving around in the city, sometimes near sometimes far.

Oh!! How can I forget I was a rock star!

College finished, time to do some work.

Feels so good when receive some perk.

Still, I wonder why!!

Why the people fight, why so much hate.

When there is so much love, just live your life straight.

Experience in work, life answers many why.

Life answers every why, as to the situations you come and pass by.

So keep on wondering why!!!! images


© Pushpita Palit