It was not just another normal working day, it was Saturday!!!

But still woke up early, then with a mug of black coffee, turned on the TV.

Had to prepare breakfast, you know I hardly knew to cook in the past.

Had toast and omlet, Oh God!!! It’s 10 o’clock! I am late!!

I called my driver, and asked him to hurry, he said madam we will reach on time don’t worry.

As soon as I reached, I just ran to get a platform ticket. oh!!! long queue!!I was getting wicked.

I can see the train coming, I am so happy it’s my mom coming.

Let me take the luggage I said. ouch, someone dashed his bag on my head.

I touched her feet and took her blessings, lets go, our car is waiting.

We reached home. home sweet home.

We had our lunch, and kept talking and giggling, until she slept.

I went to make some snacks with tea,and her favorite pastries which I had kept.

We went out in the evening, holding a KFC chicken wings.

She took me to a Digital shop, to my surprise she bought me a camera.

My first Digital Camera,I was so happy, My first pic I clicked was my moms.

So,that was all from me and dad, she said! now let’s rush home.

From then I just kept on clicking and holding and capturing the moments.

It was my family, flowers, birds, animals, it just went on and on and I Clicked and Clicked.

So,that’s how the story began of Me, Mom and the Surprise Gift…